About Dawn


Dawn Kelly is a holistic practitioner with more than 15 years experience. She has studied many different healing modalities and has facilitated community support groups for over 8 years with the HAppiness Connection.

Dawn has studied Life Alignment, Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese Massage), Champissage (Indian Head Massage), Ayruvedic Massage, Thai Massage, Hypnotherapy, Bowen Therapy, Breath work, Reiki and is the founder of an accredited Healing Modality called the Inner Compass®.


what people say about us

I have been seeing Dawn regularly now for the past eleven years and she has helped me with so many aspects of my life, so much so, that I can say that she has become a true lifetime friend.
Her intuition in diagnosing blockages and issues which obstruct daily life flow is remarkable!

Dawn has a sixth sense which is unique and this gives her the ability to unlock your inner self and resolve issues of any magnitude.
She has helped me over the years with such things as, incidents of post traumatic stress, business and occupational concerns, day to day self awareness and ongoing personal management.

Dawn’s psychological and physical techniques are amazing and she helps you find inner peace within yourself. She gives you the tools to be able to relax and enjoy life, rather than live a tense and stressed existence.